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What is Transitional Style?


Transitional style is a design style that is between traditional and modern, as evidenced at websites such as A few years ago, many homeowners moved toward more contemporary styles in home décor with that type of decorating a major trend in 2013. What is Transitional? What transitional style is for the average homeowner is… Read More

Dream Big But Start Small


When you are starting off a fledgling business, you will be inspired by the legends created by brands like Mc Donald’s and others in the arena of marketing. Indeed, the way they have developed their brand logo, the use of colors, simplistic lettering details and created iconic brands is something that inspires every brand that… Read More

Tips For Buying The Perfect Lightbulb


A lot has changed over the past few years, for the humble light bulb. From the traditional incandescent type, that you could literally cook under, to some of the brightest and long lasting lights ever seen outside of a lighthouse. Choice is a good thing, which is good news since there is a lot to… Read More

Make Your Home Office Feel Bigger


Over the past 20 years, computers have played a growing part in our lives and are now a fundamental part of our homes. Whether we use our computers for home or work, we need a room to use them in. Unsurprisingly, many households have created a home office. With box rooms being the most common… Read More