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How to Create More Storage Within Your Home


Storage. It’s important. So many of us bemoan the fact that we don’t have enough space. Creating more storage in our homes is important. You don’t have to start hammering up shelving and looking at innovative ways that you can turn an old sleeper in a bookcase. On the contrary, there are some sensible ways that you can create more storage within the home.

How can this be done?

Here are some simple tips that you can use. You can thank us for them later.

Start Throwing Stuff Out: Don’t be a Hoarder

Let’s face it; we all have too much stuff. We don’t need it. We rarely use it. Yet, we all seem to cling on to it. You need to be ruthless in your approach. Now is the time to get rid of your stuff. Of course, you don’t have to get rid of everything. But, having a ruthless approach to stuff you simply don’t need is a great way to create more space in your home.

Big Box, Little Box, Cardboard Box: Invest in Boxes

Boxes are the lifeblood of organisation! Cardboard boxes are perfect for storing your belongings in the loft. But, plastic tubs and containers are great to ensure that you are more organised in a diligent fashion. Boxes can ensure that you have more space. Toys, clothes, books and stationery can all be stored under the bed. You don’t have to have everything on display. On the contrary, you can make sure that your home is neat and tidy. So, get investing in plastic tubs!

Benefitting from Storage Facilities

Self storage can be an excellent way to keep on top of your home. If you live in a smaller property or an apartment, you may not have loft or basement space. As such, you don’t want to get rid of everything that you own. Self storage facilities can ensure that you have a clean, tidy and spacious home without the trouble of having everything in one place.

Turn Beautiful Furniture into Display Cabinets

Furniture should be beautiful and functional. It should never be used for ornamental use. It’s such a waste! If you lack on space and storage, turn a dresser or nest of tables into a tastefully arranged storage facility. Crockery, glasses and cups can all be artfully arranged on a table. Not only will it look stunning, but you also get more space in your cupboards. Think about how you can turn your furniture into pieces of art. Books are a great possession to display too.

Colour coordinate the spines of the books to the theme of your living space for a cohesive look. After all, storage doesn’t mean hiding everything. It means thinking outside of the box and creating something beautiful to look at while still giving it a place.

Utilising Wall Space

Everyone seems to be focussed on creating storage that sits neatly on the floor. But, your walls are a vast, untouched landscape of storage possibilities. Shelving, hooks and bookcases can all be hung on the walls. This not only maximises your floor space, but gives your home an edgy, funky look too.



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