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Laser Micro Machining: Specialist equipment for your own needs?

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So you have a job that needs doing about the house, but whatever skills you have with normal tools just aren’t up to the task. The tasks you need completing requires engineering precision that you just can’t manage using day to day machinery. No matter how skilled you are, working with tiny measurements is extremely taxing, and is highly likely to go wrong, so why not find a company that could do it for you.

Made in STEEC

STEEC is a company, based in France, that have built a reputation in the field of high precision machining since it was founded in 1979. While STEEC has previously worked with companies in the fields of medicine, aerospace, research and even in the nuclear sector, it has now launched its ‘Made in STEEC’ brand, designed to offer a more personal service and allow any potential clients access to the business. All you would need is to contact them and provide drawings of what you would require to benefit from their years of expertise.

What they can offer you

STEEC is able to meet on a range of laser micro machining needs for its clients, including laser micro cutting, micro drilling and micro milling, all to the exacting standards required for medical, nuclear or aerospace use. They are able to offer precise micro machining on materials ranging from 3mm to 2 µm, which can allow you precision far beyond what is achievable with normal machines or tools, and so will certainly be able to meet your needs. Provided you are able to give them a technical drawing of what you require, they should be able to meet your needs, or provide advice.

Why you might need laser micro machining

As stated before, laser micro machining can enable you to complete any job with the upmost precision, which is obviously extremely desirable when completing any handy work. But laser micro machining can also allow you to meet your need for much smaller holes than may be achieved using traditional tools, which may help with you to meet the rapidly advancing fields of optics and electronics, and it can also allow you to etch designs on to a material. This could allow you to design a completely unique item for your home, and to then have it created precisely without having any concerns about your own ability to produce the design. Laser micro machining can also be used to manufacture textures on a surface, allowing you to create surface with functional textures such as water-repellent, soft-touch, anti-glare and low friction.

Laser micro machining may seem like something only for use in specialist fields where precision is absolutely key, but there is no reason you cannot use it within your own home to either produce decorative items, or to meet other practical needs. Even if you are skilled with tools, you have no need to stress over making tiny measurements and struggling to complete work with tools that are not suitable for the precision you want. Just get in contact with STEEC, send them a technical drawing and explain your requirements, and they will be able to meet your needs and provide any expert advice which may be required.

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