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Should You Replace or Repair Your Water Heater?


We all have a tendency to take for granted having hot water readily available in our homes and businesses. However, that changes fast when we are suddenly confronted with the loss of hot water due to problems with a water heater. A hot water heater failure also confronts us with an important question: Should the broken water heater be repaired or replaced?

Warranty Considerations

The first thing to check when your water heater breaks is whether the warranty is in effect. Obviously, if a warranty is in force that will pay to repair the water heater, that should pretty much settle the question of whether to repair or replace. If the warranty has expired, that doesn’t necessarily mean that replacement is your best option, but it should make you consider buying a longer warranty on your next water heater.

Age Considerations

Water heaters generally last between ten and fifteen years. If the warranty has expired on your water heater, consider how many years your water heater is likely to last. If the water heater may not last many more years anyway, then replacement is probably your wisest option.

Cost Considerations

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding to repair or replace, and not surprisingly, one of them is cost. If the cost of repairing your water heater is more than half of what it cost to buy a new one, then that is a good indicator that it’s probably best to replace your water heater.

Efficiency Considerations

If you’ve had your current water heater for more than five years, the chances are that a newer model will be more energy efficient. In fact, depending upon how more efficient the new water heater is than the one you have now, it is possible for your new water heater to pay for itself over its lifetime purely through energy savings. You might also consider the ways that a more efficient water heater is better for the environment by using less power.

Expert Advice

Sometimes the answer is to seek outside advice on whether to repair or replace. That may mean consulting someone such as a Cambridge hot water heater repair expert who can inform you of your full range of options. Once you know the facts, then you can decide what will be the best solution in the long run



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