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The Wholesome Concept Of Selling- Wholesaling In The USA


A wide spectrum of selling that involves selling of merchandise to retailers, industries, commercial sectors, or other business users is known as wholesaling , distributing or jobbing. In other words a sale of goods to anyone excluding the direct consumer is called wholesaling. United Nations also defines wholesaling as the concept of acting as an agent or broker in the sale of goods to or buying of merchandise from commercial sellers, industries, professional users and other non-consumers. The companies listed in the wholesalers of the U.S are all based out of the U.S. The strong aim behind wholesalers in the U.S is to have an entrenchment of trading in the U.S without the involvement of external businesses.

Keeping The U.S Economy Alive

Because of the struggles faced by the U. S economy for the past few years, it has been adopting outsourcing in most of its businesses. Most Americans believe that one should buy products made in the U.S to keep the U.S economy alive. As per ABC’s Good Morning America, which is Diane Sawyer’s enterprise, if every American spends at least a meager amount of $3.33, 10,000 new jobs can be generated in the U.S economy. So the U.S federation and wholesalers USA strongly recommends that advertising and marketing activities should be revolved around American product lines.

Some New Trends

Like any other industry the merchandise also has been encountering some trends such as drop-shipping. The term ‘drop-shipper’ refers to the wholesalers who do the job of packaging and delivering the products directly to the customer location by bypassing the retailer, thus making the retailer’s job easier, saving time and money. These drop-shippers offer security, reliability and safety as they save the customers from scammers. Besides this, some online companies possess wholesaler directories that consist of a list of trustworthy wholesalers that are added periodically. The companies also ensure that the so added wholesalers meet the verification process. Online wholesalers provide people with the opportunities to sell their products from home, online. They are constantly looking for sellers who can to sell products online.

Some Pros And Cons Of Drop-Shipping

Drop-shippers enable also save retailers from having the need to keep stocks or inventories. All that the retailers need to do is take their services such as posting product pictures online and allow drop-shippers to do the shipping. Another advantage is that, you can start buying products in bulk and ship them yourselves. Later as your supplier price decreases, you can either reduce the retail price or keep the retail price the same, to keep up higher profit margins.

On the contrary, one thing that you have to compromise on is the price factor. You will have to pay a slightly higher wholesale price for a unit product sold when you choose to sell through a wholesale drop-shipper. Because of this, you may have to face slightly tougher competition in your market.


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